Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 6- Last Day of Class!

Day 6- Last Day of Class!

Here's a review of what the 20 + problems that we did over the last few days taught us to do...

1. Promote Visualisation

2. Spot patterns

3. Gain number sense

4. Think about communication 

( explaining the reasons behind the methods used, how teachers choose appropriate words and terms to use when teaching math)

5. Promote metacognition ( higher order thinking)

We discussed about how important it is for teachers to choose appropriate words and terms when teaching math!

This example of division is too confusing, having too many symbols present!

This is how it should be done!

We also talked about graphs and how we can extend learning from a simple graph.

A possible progression

1. Simple bar graph in proper arrangement ( as shown)
2. Have specific counters to represent a certain number in the bar graph 
(eg. Yellow= 10 people)
3. Plot them in a pie chart format or a line graph format

Using poker cards and our foreheads, we played a game of multiplication and division with our friends!

The SALUTE! game is to have us take a card each, place it on our foreheads and have us guess the number on our card, using our friends' cards as clues.

The more number of players, the more times u need to multiply and the bigger the number is for you to divide!

I truly learnt new methods of teaching and thinking over the span of these few days. 

It was mind-boggling at times, forcing my brain to think of various ways to deal with a single problem and thinking deeper into a problem and how to explain it succintly.

Nevertheless, it was a fruitful journey for me!

Thank you Dr Yeap for your time and effort!

Till next time!

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