Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 1- Creating a Mathematical Climate in the Classroom

Today's our first lesson of the module and i thought it was rather light hearted and engaging!

Problem 1 showed me how there can be a number of methods used to solving a problem and that it was all about identifying the patterns in the methods used. As long as your method and pattern stays consistent, your answer can surely be found!

It was helpful when Dr Yeap have us to think back and reflect upon how we solved the problem and spend time discussing about it with our classmates. As a not-so-ardent-fan of mathematics, I feel more interested and enthusiastic in trying to solve this math problem when I do it alongside my classmates.The exchange of ideas with others also keep each other going and having fun together!

Problem 2 had the class hyped up and excited to find the solution to the 'Magic Trick'!

Our group literally REJOICED! when we had Hui Min who found the solution for us!
So here is the answer of the sequence of cards to the "Magic Trick" we learnt today!

It is an excellent game we can adapt and use for learning numbers 1-10 and spelling them too. 
Changing the numbers to shapes or other themes can do the trick too, as long as we arrange the cards in the correct pattern.

Problem 3 was about the trucks, paper and shredders. It was this evening's most "serious" problem that we discussed about. For me,  I took a while to rationalise how to solve the problem. I am glad I managed to get the answer together with my classmate!

Problem 4 was a fun hands-on activity which demonstrated many possibilities to forming shapes. 

Having us explore with different restrictions of forming shapes challenged the way we think about the positionings of our tangrams. 

For example, 2 of my classmates and I had equal number of tangrams, but we had different compositions and combinations of tangrams used to form congruent rectangles. 

As adults, we were actively engaged in exploring the tangrams in a concrete manner. Even more so for children, they will learn effectively with concrete materials given. They may even discover ideas and solutions which adults have not!

As Dr Yeap mentioned about Diene's theory; I think we were all involved in the "Play" stage at class today! :)

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