Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 3- Fractions and 1st Quiz!

Day 3- Fractions and 1st Quiz!

Class started with doing Problem 9, using digits 0-9.

Find out: How many ways can we form a 2 digit equation without repeating any digits?

( _ _ + _ _ = _ _)

My partners and I discussed mostly about how to arrive to getting the 
BIGGEST and SMALLEST  equations that we can come up with.

We started with the biggest and smallest number sum possible and did trial and error with the digits till we got the best answers.

BIGGEST Equation: 98 ( number sum) = 25 + 73

Smallest Equation : 39 (number sum) = 15 + 24

Then, we had our quiz! The moment that I was afraid of! Thank goodness it was not that tough for me and I learnt some good pointers during our discussion of the 2nd question in the Quiz.

Meaning of ENRICHMENT sessions: 
Providing more challenging practices for children without introducing new concepts.

An illustration that I found useful to remember what Enrichment is:
To weave more strings with the single string I have, strengthening the bond, making my string a stronger one!

Unlike ACCELERATION sessions: where children learn a new topic or concept of a higher level. 

It sure is a great difference between these two terms!

Problems 11 and 12 were on Fractions and we thought of a variety of ways to share parts of a rectangle equally among 3 and 4 persons.

Especially in Problem 11, we really cracked our brains and thought of out-of-the-box ideas to share a rectangle equally amongst 4 people! It was a good way to use creativity to solve a math problem!

Problem 11

Problem 12

Here's one point that preschool educators should be aware of when they teach Math!

Start teaching counting using

Concrete and Proportionate materials

Instead of using.....

Concrete but Non-proportionate materials

This way, we don't end up creating confusion in children as they learn and they can understand the concept of Tens and Ones clearly too! 

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