Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 5- Differentiated Instruction , Measurement and Geometry

Day 5- Differentiated Instruction , Measurement and Geometry

Today we discussed quite a bit on being a Teacher of Mathematics.

: to ENRICH learning through different methods with regards to a single concept.

This promotes and develops higher order thinking in the process.

Great take-home points for me to think about too:

Do we compromise ACCELERATION
 with higher order thinking?

Do we rob children of opportunities to think deeper as we push them 
to learning one new concept after another?

Do we overteach our children that we stifle their learning unknowingly?

Also, we talked about 3 ways we can help a child understand a concept when cannot do so...

1. By Scaffolding 
2. By role modelling
3. By changing the task to a less complicated situation

Many a times, we have to make sure the terms and words 
we use are clear and specific to avoid confusion!

Problem 18

Find Out: How many different sizes of squares can we make with a set of 7 tangrams?

These are some ways our group explored with and because of the sizes of the tangrams, 
the relation of the original square to the largest square is as such:

Problem 19

Find Out: Can all types of triangles form 180 degrees?

Method 1: Through folding, we can clearly see that 3corners: 45+ 45+ 90 = 180 degrees

Method 2: By cutting and shifting the parts,  3 corners form a straight line= 180 degrees

There are probably many more different ways to solve this problem through cutting and folding!

Problem 20

Find Out: Can congruent triangles make rectangles?
  Also, find the area of a triangle.

By using 3 different folding methods, the triangles can be made in rectangles.

The formula of area of a triangle : 1/2 X Base X Height 

is explicitly explained when I saw how 

2 congruent triangles form a rectangle!

1/2 a rectangle X Base X Height!

I really feel happy that a mere memorized formula I know 
actually makes sense and  is understood today! :D

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